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Herein you will find proverbs from different regional languages of India – Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Garhwali to start with. Be rest assured, we plan to add proverbs from all the regional languages of India, and definitely from the 22 official languages of India as defined in our constitution.

The idea is to access, enjoy, preserve, promote, and ultimately pass-on this wisdom to the coming generations. The hope is to become a bridge between our ancestors & our descendants.

And lastly, the format. On the design, you will find the proverb, its approximate essence in English, and a picture showcasing the proverb in action. Hope you enjoy reading it. Happy Exploring! Happy Proverbing!

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We make books of Indian proverbs in different Indian languages. Each book contains a collection of proverbs of that language. 


We make the Full HD wallpapers of Indian proverbs. These wallpapers come in different dimensions & can be used on desktop & mobile.


We make T-Shirts with the Indian proverbs printed in High-quality screen printing. The cloth used is 100% cotton fabric which is light and comfy.

Wall art

We make high-end wall art of all shapes and sizes containing the Indian proverbs. The wall art will definitely add to the décor of your home/office.

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If some one say’s me unfollow all the pages i follow on instagram and follow only one page, then that one page will be yours only. Love your content. Bless you



This is like you are bringing back those “simple sayings with deep meanings” that our father and forefathers used while communicating with others and when they were chitchatting with their grandsons and granddaughters. Kudos!!👍



This is the best page I’ve found on instagram which promotes Indic culture and heritage. Proverbs are best way to do so in a quite interesting way. Hats off whoever is behind it ❤️.Thank you so much.



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