Herein you will find proverbs from different regional languages of India – Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Garhwali to start with. But be rest assured, I plan to add proverbs from all the regional languages of India, and definitely from the 22 official languages of India as defined in our constitution. But it will take some time.

Now, let us understand “the why” behind the “The Indian Proverb”. I believe that proverbs are the concentrated and decanted wisdom of any civilization.

Indian civilization, being one of the most ancient civilization, preserved its wisdom in its proverbs too, and that is what I have tried to tap in this space. The idea is to access, enjoy, preserve, promote, and ultimately pass-on this wisdom to the coming generations. The hope is to become a bridge between our ancestors & our descendants.

And last, the format. The format I have chosen is the pictorial representation of the proverbs. I think this format suits the times and the ways we consume information & entertainment. On the design, you will find the proverb, it’s approximate essence in English, and a picture showcasing the proverb in action.

Hope you enjoy reading it. Happy Exploring! Happy Proverbing!