Welcome to the house of Indian proverbs.

Herein, you will find proverbs from different regional languages of India – Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Garwahli to name a few. It will take some time, but be rest assured that every language of India will be covered in here. Especially the 22 official languages of India as mentioned in the constitution.

Now let’s explore “the why” behind the “theindianproverb”. I believe that proverbs are not just the tiny-wise sayings but also the concentrated and decanted wisdom of a civilization and its people. Indian civilization, one of the most ancient civilization, has preserved this wisdom too in the form of proverbs, and that is what I have tapped into. The idea is to provide this essence of the wisdom of our ancestors for our coming generations. The hope is to preserve, promote, and pass-on the wisdom, and in the format in which we now absorb the world- pictures/short videos.

Hope you enjoy the experience! Happy Exploring! Happy Proverbing!